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Access and information sharing made easy

Removing boundaries to easier sharing on demand
At ark, we’re on a mission to make key and information sharing instant, effortless and secure.

Our property access devices and digital technologies enable homeowners and businesses to grant safe property access and pass on critical information at the point of need, without the need to be physically there.

Our technology helps companies of different industries and sizes to enjoy better business efficiencies, deliver improved services and easier meet legislative requirements. Countless homeowners are able to safely let carers, emergency services and service providers into their homes without answering the door in person.

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World-leading key sharing devices

Our key sharing solutions open more than just doors. Springing from decades of key management expertise and direct customer feedback, our innovative patented key safes unlock convenience, ease of use and total peace of mind.


Unparalleled security

9 million code combinations

Illuminated buttons and vault

Police preferred specification

Information on demand

Just as with keys, it’s is not always possible or practical to make sure you’re there to pass on critical information to those who need it. In addition, it can get quite expensive too, particularly if the messages or their intended recipients can change often.  

This is why we have created KiCall, a digital solution that helps you share information with your intended recipients 24/7, 365 days a week, without you having to be there.


1. Create your message and attach PDFs


3. Place your KiCall where you need it


2. Share with certain people or everyone


4. See who scans the QR code and when

Work with us

We are always searching for like-minded organisations to join us on our journey. Let us shape a world without boundaries to a better life, together. Whether you’re interested in one of our products for your own organisation, or would like to represent our range as part of your offering, we’d love to hear from you.

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